Friday, January 11, 2008

The end is near. Well, sort of. And that means it's time for a change.

I'm entering what should have been my final semester at WKU...I will be around for a bit longer than that, but I will be nearly finished by the end of May 2008. I'll be in one class in the fall, then I'm done. Finito. Almost to the end!

Because of this realization that I am almost at the end of my road, I am determined to do a lot of things during this semester that I thought I should have been doing all along. One of them? Keeping up with a darned photo blog. If for no one else, for I'm not sure who even reads this thing (though I'm sure it's not many since I've only posted twice in the past year), it is at least an opportunity for me to see where I am at. I realize I've made some choices in the past year and have had to deal with some hard personal/family stuff that have (VERY sadly) forced me to put my photography in a back seat. That's changing. Being at this pivotal moment in my student-photojournalism career, I realize what has been all wrong about my approach to my future as a photographer. I don't feel like I'm at the place I should be, but I feel it in me that I can still get there. I'm notorious for struggling for a time, then shooting off way past my goal all at once. I'm making this that breakthrough. Realizing right now, at this moment, how much I've NOT been a photographer in the past year makes me realize how much I am supposed to be one.

Here's something to wet your tastebuds. While not spectacular by any means, here's a my most recent photos. A couple of pictures from a wedding I shot Dec. 16 as a favor to a family friend.

To any of my photo friends, please give me a warm welcome. I'M BACK!!!

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Welcome back!